Why I’m Passionate about Women

Being a feminist is in my DNA. I can’t help but support women. When I see potential, I can’t help but push and encourage people to go for it.

Having been mentored by so many prominent venture capitalists, angel investors and CEO’s, I feel a responsibility to be a successful woman in the tech industry, to not only show all of my mentors that I was worth the investment, but also to set an example for more women and girls to follow. I want to help change the numbers by being a woman in the C-suite and bringing up more women to join me.

I could give you dozens of examples of unfairness, of being passed over for jobs I thought I’d earned, paid less because the boss knew I wouldn’t leave, or simply of all the times I was the only woman in the room, the only woman on the panel and as a manager, the highest ranking woman at the company (sad…). In one particular instance at a former employer, my successor came in making $15,000 more than me. I promised myself that would never happen again and I’ve become a passionate advocate and coach for women friends of mine so they negotiate their salary and are paid what they deserve.

I’ve helped dozens of friends, and friends of friends, go for, and get the bigger position, the bigger salary and develop their voice. Friends give me a hard time because I don’t let them off the hook. I am a part of a women’s group called the IPIA (International Pinkies in the Air) which has helped me learn from seasoned women executives. Since I gain so much from that group, a friend of mine and I created a women’s group for ladies my age because we realized that we all have to overcome obstacles in our careers, so why not help each other through them and avoid some in the future?

My goal for the women I touch is that every woman sees her true individual potential and is left encouraged to set bigger goals.

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