What’s Your Reset Button?

Reset buttonLast Friday I came home very tired and sluggish from work. This made me a little sad because I wished I was motivated to work on my entrepreneurial endeavors and volunteer projects. All I want to do is turn on my favorite TV show and veg out for a few hours. It made me think, what is my reset button? What recharges my batteries, resets my brain and gives me energy to do some of the things (like read, write, think, explore, engage with family and friends) that I want to do?

Four things came to mind:

  • Take a shower. The shower is one of my best places to think. This is because I have zero distractions, the sound of the water calms me and there is usually no agenda. I don’t have to do anything but relax and get clean. Because of that, I get some of my best ideas in the shower. And if I shower in the evening, or when I’m not in a rush to work, afterward, I often feel inspired to tackle my to do list, set new goals, work on a skill or write a new blog post I just thought of.
  • Wash the dishes. Though I never start off excited, I do enjoy washing the dishes. It also soothes me. It is me time. Again, time to think or not. Afterward, I have a feeling of accomplishment which can often lead to tackling another chore or task.
  • Play soccer. For others this could be yoga or your favorite type of exercise or dance. For me, I love to play soccer. This is where I get to be in the zone. I don’t think about nothing except where to make the next run, when to shoot, or a make great pass. When I play I’m often on autopilot, my feet know what to do. It feels so good connecting on a give-and-go with teammates or scoring a powerful goal. I can’t help but smile. I also get to let off any steam and feel great about the workout and how it makes my body feel. The good energy stays with me and changes my mood.
  • Put on pump up music. When all else fails and there are things I want to do around the house or tasks I really want to get a move on, I put on some pump up music. For me this is either good Latin, Country or Pop with a good beat. It’s hard to be lazy when there are positive energy -filled jams.

That particular evening I chose to take a shower which rejuvenated me. I cranked out this post and got to read some of Napolean Hill’s 16 Laws of Success (which I highly recommend – more on that book in a future post).

For me it is critical to have a reset button. Setting and achieving goals is not a one day event. It takes constant energy and devotion. Rather than feeling sad that I have no energy, a reset button can change a whole evening. So much of motivation and energy can be changed through self-talk – for me the key is to trigger the mental switch.

What’s your reset button?

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