What’s The Work You Can’t Not Do?

One of the big themes of World Domination Summit was doing the work that only we can do – our best work. I’ve been reflecting a lot about what this, and honestly don’t have the answer yet, and that’s ok.

Chelsea Dinsmore gave a powerful talk about How To Live our Legend. After sharing how her world and self identify was completely shattered after a freak accident that killed her husband, she shared why she can still smile, and how she manages to not stay in a dark hole every day.

She believes we always have a say in our response to how we handle a situation. We can learn to manage change and loss, if we choose to.

She believes we’re much stronger than we think we are, and that how we do anything, is how we do everything. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong we can focus on everything that can go right!

She challenges us to dedicate the rest of this year to growth. Each of us is limitless. The only limits on you are what you put on yourself.

Turn statements into questions. Question “if” you can do something instead of saying “I can’t.” Question not what you can do, but how the how will appear.

When you do the things you love, you give a gift. Do things for those around you. Choose to focus on what you DO have. Dream BIG, and Live Bigger!

What’s the work you can’t not do? Are you doing this work every day? What will you do this week to move your work forward?

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