Tips on Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Reddit


Thanks to my brother Carver who is an avid Reddit follower, the two of us had the opportunity to hear Alexis Ohanian, internet entrepreneur most famous for founding Reddit, deliver a motivational, comical and powerful talk at the University of Washington.  Alexis dropped quite a bit of knowledge as he inspired students to choose entrepreneurship, whether that means creating a billion dollar company or starting an Etsy shop.

My favorite quotes from the evening:

  • “The difference between those who make it and those who don’t are those willing to take advantage of opportunities.”
  • “Ideas are worthless – focus on execution.”
  • “No one really knows what they’re doing. We’re perpetually hacking, figuring things out. Don’t let not knowing what you’re doing stop you from starting, from doing.”
  • “You’re competition will not beat you, you will beat yourself. Don’t worry about the competition.”
  • “Haters are going to hate – use them as motivation.”
  • “Be ok with sucking; that means you’re learning something new.”
  • “Entrepreneur is just French for Have Ideas, Does Them.”
  • “Lives Remaining: 0, take advantage of the privilege we have.”

We live in a time of incredible possibility. How can you get started tomorrow? How will you take risk and what will you do to minimize regret?

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