Reactive Life Syndrome

Do you suffer from “reactive life syndrome”? When we’re maniacally busy, constantly checking things, we die a death of a thousand to do’s…

After opening his talk at World Domination Summit 2016 with this, Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project definitely had me leaning in.

He believes busyness is a symptom of a reactive life, and suggests that these are the five keys to creating a good life:

  1. Be intentional. A good life is created. Choose how you want to spend your time and who you want to spend it with.
  2. Be open. When you’re open to possibility the world is your oyster. The future favors the open, so don’t apologize for being open!
  3. Be kind. Giving can change our physiology in positive ways. Givers glow.
  4. Be you. Be unapologetically joyful, and unapologetically YOU!
  5. Be still. Magic comes from hitting pause. Whether you take a one-week sabbatical every seven weeks, or spend time at the end of your day reflecting, cultivate stillness. Stillness cultivates awareness.

A good life isn’t a place you get it; it’s the life we live daily. What kind of life will YOU live?

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