Make Time for Peer Networking

When was the last time you met with your peers outside of your own company?

It’s really easy to get trapped in the company bubble, and divide life into work and outside of work. I find it hugely valuable to meet with peers or colleagues who are either at similar stage companies (yes I work at a start-up) or at a slightly bigger or more funded company.

I also pick people who are in the same role as me, or have the role I want to have. And I purposefully pick people who work at companies that aren’t competitors so that we can be really transparent with each other.

When I did this over the past few weeks, it had multiple positive effects: it gave me the confidence that we’re on the right track, gave me a few new tactics to implement immediately, and gave me a sounding board to test ideas I’m thinking about. It also helped me prioritize our strategy, and help me decide which skills I need to prioritize cultivating.

You’ll never actually have time for this… you have to make time to do this. It’s worth it. (If you don’t know how to find these peers, here’s one way I do it: Hack Mentorship with Twitter).

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