On Cultivating Willpower & Finding The Good

Has the election got you down? Are you questioning your belief in human goodness?

If so, check out Dr. Kelly McGonigal’s article How You Can Find the Good in a Nasty Election Cycle. It suggests that times like these call for heartfulness – courage to stay engaged, with an open heart and a determination to hold onto your faith in what connects us. She provides three strategies to transform moral distress into moral courage, moral elevation, and compassion.

It that’s enough, watch Isaac Lidsky’s TED Talk: What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself? It’s about why we have faulty assumptions and harbor bias, but also how we can let go of excuses, limitations and fears, and accept the awesome responsibility of being the creators of our own reality.

He challenges us to answer the following questions:

  • Are you living your life eyes wide open?
  • What do you fear?
  • What lies do you tell yourself?
  • How do you embellish your truth and write your fictions?
  • What reality are you creating for yourself?

By holding ourselves accountable for our moments and thoughts, we can see beyond our fears, recognize assumptions, harness internal strength, and silence our internal critic. With empowerment comes complete responsibility. So choose to step out of fears and choose to build there a blessed life.

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