In Awe of Our Stars

One of the highlights of our family camping trip to Winchester Lake State Park was stargazing on a crystal clear night. Winchester Idaho, population 308, was the perfect place to be in nature encircled by stars.

On our last night, we took the kids to a dark spot by the lake. We all lay down and stared in awe of the beauty above us. Laying down looking up at millions of stars is spectacular. A shooting star put on a show, we saw some familiar constellations, and the Milky Way formed a glittery stripe in the sky. We even got to explain that the “moving stars” are actually satellites and that scientists believe there are more stars than grains of sand.

It’s hard to capture the magnificence of the stars. A mentor of mine, Charles Porter, took this fabulous time lapse of Mt. Rainier. Enjoy ☺

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