Impact Comes From What You’ve DONE

You’re in for a treat! I’m writing from the World Domination Summit – which is four days of learning how to live a remarkable life in a conventional world. There is SOOOOOO much I want to share with you!

One of my favorite talks was by Charlie Gilkey, the expert on FINISHING what we start. Here is a bit of what I learned from him:

You see, IMPACT comes from what we’ve DONE, not what we’ve talked about.

Our best work is sacred. And we must be so careful as to not let other people’s priorities (OPP) displace our real work.

Have the confidence to take the space to do what we’re meant to do, and do what only YOU can create.

Many times we get stuck in “creative constipation.” We start working on a project, but get stuck on one of the many steps required to bring it to fruition. Don’t quit, or move on to the next project. We don’t get better by thinking about how to do it; rather we get better by DOING it. Mastery comes from FINISHING.

Ok, so how do we actually get our project done? Charlie says we must manage our time like it’s the most precious commodity on earth. To do this, treat your personal life as we do our work life. Get it on the calendar, and keep your commitments to yourself. And set weekly appointments to plan your life.

Pick one project, commit to finishing it, decide how you’ll define success, and recruit people to help you.

It can be a small success (you finished it!), a moderate success, or epic success (meaning you need other people to help you and it will displace other projects). Any level is great, not every project has to be an epic success.

Passion comes from action and experiences. Doing the wrong thing is better than doing nothing. You never know who you’ll meet, who you’ll touch, and the impact you can make if you don’t start and finish.

So what project will you focus on and complete?

I’ve committed to bringing Inspira Conversation Starters to life! Stay tuned 😉

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