How to Identify Impact & Leverage Points

Jay Abraham - Quote - The Inspira

What is the highest and best use of your talent, your brainpower, your money, and your time?

On the Lewis Howes’ podcast featuring Jay Abraham, Jay talks about focusing on what matters most, specifically impact and leverage points. These are the small triggers that make a dramatic difference.

For Jay, maximizing first impressions, and identifying the highest value customers where two of his biggest leverage points.

First Impressions: What is the first impression you give off when you meet someone new, a prospect, or potential mentor?

Jay tells stories about how by spending a little extra time perfecting first impressions – greetings, headlines, opening phrases in an email, music in the lobby – made all the difference (500X sales ROI!).

By taking extra time upfront to prepare a thoughtful first impression, you can build up trust. This gives you more leeway later on.

Highest Value Customers: Who are your highest value customers?

When you know this, you can look for prospects who fit this customer profile, and you can make sure to spend the majority of your time on the most profitable customers, rather than the other way around.

This reminds me of the 80:20 rule – 20% of activities yield 80% of the results/success/pleasure. Knowing where to focus reaps exponential results. In a world full of too much choice, this helps me focus and stay calm.

How to Identify Other Leverage Points:

In addition to improving first impressions and identifying the highest value customers, these are other questions I’m asking myself:

  • What skill can I learn that will help me grow exponentially at work?
  • Who can I meet that that will open exponentially more doors?
  • What 1-2 behaviors can I modify that will have the most positive effect on my relationships and marriage?
  • In what way can I serve exponentially more people?
  • What changes to my diet, exercise, and well-being routine will yield exponential results?
  • I hope all these questions made you think. As I read Tim Ferriss’ beast of a book Tools of Titans, where he deconstructs the habits/behaviors of 200+ impressive people, I’m thinking about which recommendations will help me reach the highest and best version of me.

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