How I Read 12 Books in 3 Months

You may have noticed I’ve been devouring books lately. What’s the secret?

Audiobooks + the public library.

I LOVE reading physical books so I was wary to start listening to audiobooks. So I made myself a deal. I’ll still read physical books that are on my A-list, but if I don’t dramatically pick up the pace, I simply won’t ever get to read books on my B-list, so let’s listen to them on the commute. I found that simply by listening to audiobooks during my daily commute and while doing chores on the weekend, I finish about a book a week.

Doesn’t this get expensive? It doesn’t have to. The best kept secret, is that the public library lends audiobooks directly to your phone. Really you ask? YES! It’s A_M_A_Z_I_N_G.

Here’s how to do it. Go to your local library. After filling out a short form and showing proof of your address, they’ll give you a library card on the spot. Next, download the free Overdrive app. Open the app, select your library, enter in your library card info, and pick from thousands of titles.

You get to check out a book for 24 days. I download a couple at a time and put others I want on hold so I’ll always have some in my queue. You can download the files directly to your device so you don’t need Wi-Fi to listen. Try it out!

What are the next books on your reading list?

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