Use Informal Mentorship to Catapult Your Career

In March, I had the awesome opportunity to speak at the Women Who Code CONNECT 2016 Conference about how to use informal mentorship to catapult your career.

The inspiration for this topic started when leading a panel on Authenticity at Seattle Startup Week. When we asked the audience to “raise your hand if you have a mentor,” I was shocked to see only a few hands go up. I personally have strongly benefited from having formal mentors, and also from the less obvious opportunity of developing informal mentors.

While finding formal mentors can be hard, particularly if you’re new to a city, I wanted to share my process for cultivating informal mentors. The beauty is, you don’t have to look any further than your Twitter feed.

In the talk, I share how to set up a “Ballers” list, how to start social conversations, how to turn informal relationships into in-person meetings and how to rock your mentor meeting. I also share how informal mentorship from the incredible women on my “Ballers” list has led to mentorship from top engineers, angel investors and leading entrepreneurs.

I had requests to post the video, so here it is. Thanks Chau for recording this!

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