Five Podcasts To Start Your Day Off Right

Originally published on June 18th, 2015. Updated with latest favorites.

Listening to podcasts is my new favorite way to satisfy my insatiable appetite for learning. Similar to using a Twitter “Crush” List to follow and learn from influential women in marketing and technology, I find that listening to podcasts is a great way to receive informal mentorship. Many of the show hosts offer access into their own life and way of thinking, and also into the lives of their guests.

I listen to these podcasts during my commute, while I do chores, and on road trips. One of the beauties of podcasts is you can pick which episodes you want to listen to, download them, and listen to them at your convenience. And… they are free!

Primarily I listen to podcasts about Mind, Body and Business (keep in mind there are podcasts about absolutely everything).

Here are my favorite five podcasts I listen to on a daily and weekly basis:

Chalene ShowThe Chalene Show by Chalene Johnson

This is my favorite podcast. Chalene is a fascinating speaker. Her episodes offer tips, resources, interviews and practical steps that help improve energy, balance, organization, health, fitness, relationships, focus, faith and happiness. I greatly appreciate how Chalene shares personal stories along with bringing in experts. My favorite episodes include: Morning Rituals, Free Your Mind and A Day in the Life of Me. I listen to her Wake Up episode to start off my day with the right attitude.

Optimize PodcastOptimize with Brian Johnson

Optimize has become my second favorite podcast. It features the best Big Ideas from the best optimal living books. Brian is a master at selecting impactful books, dissecting the most important points and sharing them in a memorable way. I enjoy getting refreshers on books I’ve already read and learning about books I want to read. Brian does interviews, micro classes, and extremely short nuggets. His interviews are awesome. I tend to first listen to him interview an author and then listen to the micro class as a refresher on the core content. This podcast indeed provides more wisdom in less time.

ChargedLifeThe Charged Life with Brendon Burchard

Brendon’s contagious energy jolts me into a great state of mind and I love how Brendon can teach me something in a very concise and applicable way. Brendon shares insights on motivation, success, high performance and living a fully charged life, and his shows range from 8-15 minutes. Some of my favorite episodes are: How to LEARN faster, How to Stay Focused, Experiencing JOY & Gratitude, and How Incredibly Successful People THINK.

School of Greatness PodcastThe School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

The goal of the School of Greatness is to share inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world class athletes and influential celebrities on the planet. Lewis himself is an entrepreneur with embodies hustle. This podcast is for entrepreneurs looking to exponentially grow their business and those looking to grow in every aspect of their live. At the end of every episode, Lewis asks the guest their definition of greatness.

TimFerrissShowThe Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss

Since I’ve been a fan of Tim Ferriss for years (I’ve read all three of his books and follow his blog), checking out his podcast made sense. In it he deconstructs how world-class performers became successful experts at their craft. Tim has access to REALLY interesting people and his questions have gotten better and better. My favorite episodes so far are: Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Science of Strength and Simplicity with Pavel Tsatsouline, How to Avoid Decision Fatigue, and Tony Robbins on Morning Routines, Peak Performance and Mastering Money.

Five other podcasts that I listen to from time to time are:

EntrepreneurOnFireEntrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas

This is a great podcast for entrepreneurs, side-preneurs and small business owners. John’s 30-minute episodes each feature a successful entrepreneur who shares their journey, failures, AH-HA moments and successes. John is a machine. He has created almost 1,000 episodes about all kinds of topics. Honestly there are so many good episodes it’s hard to pick favorites.

BulletproofRadioBulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey

Dave is relentless in his quest to upgrade every aspect of his life by obsessively asking the question: What are the simplest things you can do to be better at everything? This podcast focuses on the state of high performance, specifically where you take control of and improve your biochemistry, your body, and your mind so they work in unison. Dave tests everything on himself and I’ve learned quite a bit. Some of my favorite guests that he’s interviewed are Abel James, Arianna Huffington, Brendon Burchard, Bill Harris, Hal Elrod, Bo Eason, Zach Even-Esh and JJ Virgin.

JamesAltucherThe James Altucher Show

I just started listening to James Altucher’s podcast and highly enjoy it. I’m a fan of his writing and just realized he has a podcast. The show is comprised of interviews of very successful people about entrepreneurship, investing and health. I appreciate his vulnerability.

ThisAmericanLifeThis American Life

This podcast has incredibly rich content. For me this is reserved for the weekend or long car rides since not all of the content is uplifting (though it is all very insightful). It talks about current events and complex societal issues.

TEDRadioNPR’s TED Radio Hour

This is a podcast that I recently discovered. It is an hour-long show based on talks given from speakers on the TED stage. Each episode shares a common theme – such as the source of happiness, the act of listening, storytelling and how we love.

Listening these podcasts introduces me to new ways of thinking, technology to explore, products to try, tips and tricks, life hacks, and people to follow and learn from.

What podcasts do you listen to and recommend?

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