Do Work That Is Significant – Colin’s Story

A great friend of mine shared his life story today at the College Success Foundation luncheon. Colin Nguyen’s story is truly brave and vulnerable. It is filled with struggle, hope and purpose. Colin shared about growing up with immigrant parents who had limited economic resources. He shared about his Mom who always reminded him that “it’s only a temporary setback, it will all get better.”

Despite experiencing incredible pain, loss, failure and nearly giving up, Colin persevered. He had people in his life that didn’t let him forget the difference he could make in the world. He had people who didn’t let him give up. He united the audience by reminding us that “our burdens and pains are similar to each other, what makes us different is our beliefs and dreams.”

Colin is one of the most generous people I know. He is fueled by a strong faith and unwavering purpose to make a difference in as many people’s lives as he can. In his words, “I am blessed to do work that is significant.”

I invite you to listen to his story and then ask yourself, am I doing meaningful work? Do I have an audacious vision?

To see a vision realized is an amazing thing. Don’t settle for mediocre. In the words of keynote speaker, Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, President of the University of Maryland: “Do Big Shit.”

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