Addicted to My iPhone

I’m aware of how much I’m attached to my iPhone. I like to be in the know, especially now that since it’s a big part of my job to know what reporters are writing about and what topics are trending. However, I also realize that it is important to be smart about when and how often I am connected.

Going to Mexico for a week where I could only use my phone if and when it was connected to WiFi showed me how little I need to check social media, news apps and email and still be in the know.

I’m sure we all have a friend that is as extreme as the characters in this video. While I don’t believe my own habits mirror these characters, it was a huge gut check. There are more important things than increasing followers on Twitter, posting a status update on everything we do and knowing every little detail about what our friends are doing.

One of my main goals for 2014 is to automate and create routines for tasks I need to do but that shouldn’t monopolize my creative energy. I believe that by doing this, I’ll have more mental energy to spend on the things that really matter (more on this topic to come). This will allow me to live in the moment and be fully present with the people and projects that deserve it.

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