Act First, Then Inspiration Comes

What do you do when you’re in-between time, when one chapter of your live or work has ended and yet it feels like the next one hasn’t started yet?

I’ve been in this space and was so grateful when my friend Brooke named this for me. It’s called Chrysalis Time – the time in between being a caterpillar but not yet a butterfly.

I’ve gone through a few big transitions and for the first time in awhile I’m not sure what my personal goals are. There are things I want but can’t control. I’m figuring out what I want to continue and what I want to manifest next. It’s been a time of hibernating, but also of desperately needing companionship.

I’ve found comfort in Tara Mohr’s words:
Know it for what it is. Name it as chrysalis time.
Know it is normal.
Know it is universal.
Know it is temporary.
Allow the cocooning but be mindful it doesn’t turn to isolation.
Have compassion for all the ways it is hard – the disintegration, the waiting, the discomfort.
Remember you can’t rush the process.
But remember you can help the process.

For an uber planner/achiever/doer, this time seems extra hard. Knowing it’s normal helps.

Talking to friends who listen helps, exercising, getting outside, starting a project and putting pen to paper or hands to keyboard all help.

Go to the thing, even if you only get yourself there by saying you’ll go for an hour (you may end up staying out all night!).

The key is you have to actually move.

Even if you don’t know what to do, you have to begin.

Some people think ‘Well I don’t have an idea, so I can’t start.’

Wrong! Robert Rodriguez puts it best; “You’ll only get the idea once you start. It’s this totally reverse thing. You have to act first before inspiration will hit. You don’t wait for inspiration and then act, or you’re never going to act, because you’re never going to have the inspiration, not consistently.”

In what ways will you move, take action, and start the thing this week?

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